The Piazza degli Antinori

You can reach Piazza degli Antinori from the Duomo (cathedral) by taking via de Pecori and then via degli Agli.


Palazzo Antinori

Its austere appearance hides a charming patio where the Antinori family's wine products are displayed.


Palazzo Antinori


San Gaetano

Times: from 8am to 12pm and from 4pm to 6pm.

Price : free

The church was built on a first building of the XI century dedicated to Saint Michael. The exterior has a richly decorated facade that is not common in Florence.

The interior is quite surprising for the contrast between the dark walls and the very white statuary. The painting representing the martyrdom of St. Lawrence is by Peter of Cortona.


The fašade of the church of San Gaetano

Interior view of the church of San Gaetano



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