The Casa Buonarroti

Casa Buonarroti is located in via Ghibellina and you can reach it from the Duomo (cathedral) by taking via dell'Oriuolo and then via Guiseppe Verdi on the right, via Ghibellina will be on the left.


Address: 70 Via Ghibellina.


Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 16:30, closed on Tuesdays.


Prices : 8,00 €.


The Buonarroti family home was built between 1546 and 1553 - Michelangelo, the most illustrious representative of this family, wanted to enlarge it and entrusted its execution to a nephew, but nothing was finished when the artist died.

It was donated to the city of Florence in 1858 and now houses a museum dedicated to the work of Micheangelo.

The museum contains only a few rare works by the artist, but the rooms are nicely furnished and the walls are decorated with frescoes. The visit allows you to soak up the atmosphere of a small 17th century palace.


Exterior view of the Buonarroti house
Photo : soucre wikipedia - Sailko


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