Santo Stefano chruch and the loggia del Mercato Nuovo

You can reach the small church of Santo Stefano from the Ponte Vecchio by going towards the center on via Por Santa Maria. It is located on the right hand side a few meters from the Ponte Vecchio.

Address: Piazza Santo Stefano

Times: during the day but variable

Price: free of charge

The church of Santo Stefano has kept its 12th century Romanesque portal. Inside, the altar in white and pink marble is by Giambologno.

The facade of Santo Stefano church


Continuing along Via Por Santa Maria you will reach the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo.


Loggia del Mercato Nuovo


It presents a square open on 4 sides with 20 columns with composite capitals.


The mercato Nuovo


It is invaded by souvenir sellers and tourists, but look for the Fountain of the Piglet, rub its snout, throw a coin and you will be sure to return to Florence.

The piglet of the mercato nuovo


At the back you will find the Palazzo di Parte Guelfa - Palace of the Guelphs supporters of the Pope opposed to the Ghibellines, supporters of the Emperor. Its current medieval appearance dates only from 1921.


The monuments of Florence